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Join my challenge and learn to
trade with a chance to win
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My challenge includes

Online basic
Trading Course

By meir barak

Practice Account

trading balance

Chance to win
Tradenet’s INTRO

cool prize

In the past 22 years, I have developed my
trading skills through hard work, blood, and
tears - to finally achieve success.

Trading is risky, that is why you shouldn’t
risk your own money. I am offering this
challenge to help you learn how to trade
with a chance to win Tradenet’s INTRO package $500 value!

the trading challenge Rules

The Practice Account comes with a simulated
balance of $10,000. In order to win the Tradenet’s INTRO package, you need to follow 3 simple rules:

Keep account balance above

Trade at least 20 positions

Earn a minimum of $1,000
within 7 days

Win the challenge and get
Tradenet’s INTRO package! Join now

Ready To Learn How To Trade?

Join the challenge
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Learn how to trade
using our online basic
trading course.
Start with $10,000
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Here’s what our students have to say

About Our

Trading Course

The course is intended for those with
no or little background in trading,
but who are planning to make
trading their primary or secondary
source of income.

The course includes 12 interactive
video lessons.
Here are some of the course topics:

The principles of
Using indices
and sectors
How to calculate
the risk & reward
Short trading
How to read and
analyze charts
Setting trading
About your Mentor: Meir Barak

Meir Barak has over 22 years of experience as an expert day
trader, as well as being a mentor to thousands of individuals
who have learned how to become successful full-time day traders.

Meir is the author of the best-selling trading book "The
Market Whisperer" and the founder of Tradenet. Meir
regularly appears on TV and in the financial press as a stock
market trader and analyst.

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